Trump signals support to ease marijuana ban


Lawmakers have introduced bipartisan legislation that would end federal marijuana prohibition in states that have legalized cannabis products for medical and recreational use.

"President Trump made a commitment to Senator Gardner that he would support a federalist approach to state marijuana laws".

Gardner and Warren emphasized that their bill does not legalize marijuana on the federal level and does not impose legalization on states that don't want it. "I know exactly what he's doing", Trump told reporters in Washington, AP reported. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.), who is aligned with Trump on several issues but recently has tangled with the administration over the Justice Department's threatened crackdowns on marijuana. "He talked about his support for a state's rights approach during the campaign". In January he rescinded Obama-era guidelines that deprioritized enforcement of federal marijuana laws in states that had legalized it.

The senators say they have bipartisan support in the Senate and the House of Representatives for the bill.

When Trump was asked if he supports Gardner's "marijuana federalism bill", he replied: "I really do".

"We can not talk about our country's approach to marijuana policy without addressing the widespread discrimination these policies foster within our criminal justice system - discrimination that has devastated communities of color for generations", Warren said. Without that incentive, Scott said medical marijuana businesses in Oklahoma would have an effective tax rate of about 40 percent.

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"Imagine, for example, that a supplier is licensed by her state to cultivate 1,000 plants, but she actually keeps 1,001 plants in her warehouse". This odd reality in which selling a joint could land you in jail under federal law and give you a paycheck under state law may not last forever.

He said in a statement released Thursday that the federal government "is closing its eyes and plugging its ears" to spreading legalization, but Washington should not interfere with any state's legal marijuana market.

"Unfortunately, this bill makes marijuana more accessible to teenagers, particularly, than ever before, and it's very concerning", Housakos told reporters after the vote.

"This federal framework provides states with the tools necessary to build effective, state-specific policies and regulations ensuring public safety and economic growth". The bill would also effectively set the minimum legal age for using marijuana at 21 nationwide. The bill was put forward by Sen.

Another co-sponsor of the measure, Democratic U.S. Sen.

Separately, Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J. and Rep. While support for legalizing cannabis was largely split along party lines, with Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party including legalization as party priority, interestingly, two Conservatives abstained as they have their own financial interests in the cannabis industry.