Salmonella warning for pre-cut melons bought at Kroger, Walmart


Separately, the CDC is reporting an outbreak of salmonella linked to backyard chickens that had made 124 people in 36 states sick.

IDPH suggests that anyone who has pre-cut melon from Walmart should throw it out, and if they have eaten it and experience diarrhea, fever and cramps, they should contact a health care provider.

Walmart and Kroger are cooperating with the investigation and have removed all cut melon associated with the outbreak.

In a news release Friday, the CDC pinpointed pre-cut melon supplied by the Indianapolis-based Caito Foods, LLC, as the likely source.

Health officials recommend people throw away any pre-cut melon from Walmart stores anywhere in IL and say additional grocery stores may be added as the investigation continues.

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Fruit salad containing melon purchased at Walmart, Kroger, Jay C or Payless stores in the affected states.

As we reported Friday, the outbreak has affected some 60 people in five states, including 32 in MI and 11 in Indiana. An investigation is still ongoing to determine if other states or stores are affected by the outbreak. Most people are able to fully recover in 4 to 7 days.

People are also asked to be careful when handling whole melons. In some cases, however, diarrhea may be so severe that the patient needs to be hospitalized.

The US Food and Drug Administration, which is investigating the outbreak alongside the CDC, is working to identify a supplier of pre-cut melon to stores where ill people shopped.

In rare cases, salmonella infection can cause death when a person is not treated promptly with antibiotics.