'Battlefield V' hops on the battle royale bandwagon


While EA first debuted Battlefield V on May 23, the company used this opportunity to elaborate on features like the massive Grand Operations.

Electronic Arts and developer DICE confirmed that Battlefield V is getting a battle royale mode at some point in the future. Battlefield V changes that up in a big way with a new focus on resource scarcity. Sadly, no details regarding this mode were revealed today, other than the developer saying that it will be true to the Battlefield formula.

The world of competitive online shooting games officially has battle royale fever.

EA came to play on the weekend before E3 2018.

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Back in May, DICE told GmaeSpot that battle royale was a "natural fit" for Battlefield V, though at the time the studio stopped short of confirming it. For example, players will be able to move fences and air-turrets around on the field, and they can even dive and crash through windows like action stars.

This is new territory for the Battlefield series, which has traditionally done team-based multiplayer where there is no lack of resources for players. Fans can also expect the same kind of destructible buildings that they know and love which means you aren't necessarily safe hiding out in a house. A Battle Royale mode will be coming to the title after release but we will get more details on that later this year. There will also be a new battle royale mode, but it wasn't given a video preview.

Battlefield V will launch on October 16th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.