Val Kilmer Returning For 'Top Gun 2' as Iceman


The much awaited film is slated to hit the screens on July 12, 2019.

According to The Wrap, Kilmer was spotted in San Diego near the Top Gun: Maverick set although Paramount Pictures declined to comment on the initial report.

This may seem like a odd time to finally deliver a sequel to the 32-year-old box office smash, but late director Tony Scott, who was offered the project prior to his death in 2012, saw the new world of the 2010s as an opportunity to try something different from his previous hit. It has been expected for a couple of years that Kilmer would join the cast, but this has been the first time there was any confirmation of it.

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Are you guys happy that Kilmer is back for Top Gun 2? As automation and technology have advanced, pilots are becoming a thing of the past as unmanned drones are the hope of the future.

The movie will include another original member - for the soundtrack - because Kenny Loggins is back, too! Cruise tweeted on May 31 that production for the long-awaited sequel had started. But it appears Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer were passionate about getting Top Gun 2 off the ground regardless, and Cruise's Oblivion filmmaker Joseph Kosinski is in the director's chair. In fact, no one even knows if Iceman, real name Tom Kazansky, will still feel the same way about Maverick as he did at the end of the original, when he told him, "You can be my wingman anytime". It's just a shame that Goose (Anthony Edwards) won't be there, but hopefully, there will be a nod to the character.