SpaceX postpones the Falcon 9 rocket launch to June 4


Running four days late because of unspecified technical issues, the previously flown Falcon 9's first-stage engines ignited at 12:45 a.m. EDT (GMT-4), generating a torrent of fiery exhaust and thick clouds of steam before vaulting away from pad 40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Space Exploration Technologies launched a satellite for long-time customer SES of Luxembourg early Monday, marking the company's 11th mission of the year.

Over the next five years in the SES-12 service region, SES expects the direct-to-home TV market to grow by some 80 million users, "and obviously, this satellite will be a great way to deliver that content to the homes across all of Asia-Pacific", Hemingway said.

SES is the world-leading satellite operator and the first to deliver a differentiated and scalable GEO-MEO offering worldwide, with more than 50 satellites in Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) and 16 in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO). They will be side by side over a length of 95 Degrees above the equator, more than 22,000 Miles upwards.

Or it could help provide internet service to cell phone carriers or to passengers on planes and cruise ships, and to remote areas that lack reliable connections. The all-electric SES-12 spacecraft was built by Airbus Defence and Space, and will rely on electric propulsion for orbit raising and subsequent in-orbit manoeuvres.

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The older Block 4 model has been limited to two flights and is not being recovered to make room for the new rockets. "And satellite is one of the (ways) - and sometimes the only way - to those markets". After extensive tests and checkout, the spacecraft is expected to enter operational service early next year.

If this launch of SpaceX would not have taken place on Monday, the following window was scheduled for Tuesday, 5 June.

SpaceX had already used the rocket's first booster stage to launch the US Air Force's X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle back in September.

In January, the same newspaper reported that the National Board of the United States of America on Aeronautics and research of space administration (NASA) postpones until spring 2019 start of regular manned flight spacecraft developed by SpaceX and Boeing. Download the 10 News app now.