Apple's Safari vows to stop Facebook from invading user privacy


A new Do Not Disturb during Bedtime mode will dim the phone's display and hide all notifications on the lock screen until you prompt it in the morning.

This all happened during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference.

Mr Federighi said Safari users would now see an alert appear asking users to choose if they would like to share their data.

Facebook's privacy practices were called into question once again recently when a report claimed that the company had provided sensitive user data to at least 60 device makers, including the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Its new software upgrades will also allow older iPhones to run faster, help parents limit their children's screen time and make its Siri voice assistant work more like Amazon's rival feature.

Current Apple CEO Tim Cook has returned to this theme in recent months as Facebook has come under fire for its collection of a huge amount of user data and its failure to protect that data from abuse by third parties - most notably Cambridge Analytica. We've never been in the data business.

"If you do want to interact with one of these [tools] or one of these apps tries to access that information, you'll get this [warning message] and you can decide to keep your information private", he said.

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New MacOS Mojave and iOS 12 software to be released later this year will also make it harder to use trackers to create "unique fingerprints" by gleaning data about devices being used, according to Federighi.

Apple's privacy initiative has already been lauded by industry experts.

Once you link your phone to your computer, many apps will have a new "Take Photo" option at your disposal (alternatively you can also use your iPhone to scan documents).

Federighi said Safari would give users the ability to stop social media platforms and other sites like Facebook and Google from tracking them across online.

In its own rebuttal, Facebook said the agreement with Apple and other firms allowed users to streamline their Facebook experience before the app store made it possible to do so.

"It turns out that these can be used to track you, whether you click on them or not".