Another Indian state reports Nipah virus death, fanning fears of spread


When she reported symptoms similar to the Nipah Virus infection, Roja was referred to the Kozhikode Medical College Hospital and was put under observation. After 4to 10 days of the entry of the virus in our body, the person gets fever, headache, body aches, disorientation and mental confusion. Roja, who was admitted to Kozhikode Medical College Hospital, was tested negative for NiV twice. The Nipah virus outbreak doesn't hold any threat anymore here, he said.

The government is coordinating with all relevant sectors including zoonosis, wildlife, animal husbandry, human health, clinicians, pulmonologists, neurologists and private sector. The step has been taken as a precautionary measure after the death of these two patients.

The health minister said the Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Ramesh Chennithala had also enquired also about the situation following the outbreak of the deadly virus. "So far 1407 people are in the contact list", Dr Jayasree, Kozhikode District Medical Officer, told The News Minute.

Local reports say businesses and market places are less crowded, while some movie theatres have downed shutters. She had shown symptoms of Nipah, however, her blood samples that were sent for tests came out negative for the virus. A common example is consumption of raw date palm sap contaminated with infectious bat excretions. The bats leave their secretions in the fruit they eat.

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Don't go for self-medication and visit a doctor. "Maintain respiratory hygiene (avoid spiting) and coughing etiquettes (use clean handkerchief)".

Wash hands with soap properly after heaving meal or after buying fruits and vegetables.

No need to be apprehensive about the safety but be precautious. The name of the village was Kampung Sungai Nipah, hence the name Nipah virus, informed Dr. Jay Deshmukh in an event organised by IMA. Eating food which may have the droplets of saliva and urine of infected bats can lead to the transmission of the virus. He was also not from the area where the infection was reported. Throat swab sample of an infected patient was studied and decoded to come to this conclusion, the newspaper said.