MacOS 10.14 'Mojave' Revealed: All the features you need to know about


The company says it is bringing over a lot of features and learnings from the iOS App Store, including whether an app was named editor's choice or the app's ranking.

Now Mac users can toggle between two color schemes for their desktop displays.

New data protections require apps to get user permission before using the Mac camera and microphone or accessing personal data like user Mail history and Messages database. Developers who wish to create a dark mode version of their applications can do so using the new API.

The dark theme feature is complemented by the new "dynamic desktop", which will cause the wallpaper to change according to the time of day.

Apple has designed a new Desktop Stacks feature to allow users to keep their desktop more organized.

What are the biggest new macOS Mojave features? Plus some features that seem to be lifted straight out of Windows' past, like the Finder Gallery View (from Windows XP) and Stacks (from Windows Vista). Sidebar, for example, now shows file metadata, and it's easier than ever to turn a portion of your screen into a video. It essentially lets you quickly access all the recent media like pictures. Some new apps on the store include Office 365, Lightroom CC, and BBEdit.

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During its annual developer conference, the Cupertino, California-based company said the two app platforms will merge next year, allowing apps built for its iOS mobile operating system to also run on Mac computers. On stage today, Apple software chief Craig Federighi unequivocally said that's not going to happen - but what Apple will do is making it much easier to bring iOS apps to macOS. Mojave represents an initial step; for the first time, Apple-made iOS apps such as News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home are coming the operating system.

Following detailed leaks last week, Apple has announced macOS Mojave featuring a fully redesigned Mac App Store, Dark Mode, Home app, Desktop Stacks, and more. It now looks a bit more like the iOS App Store, and will be completely compatible with macOS Mojave's gorgeous and compelling dark mode. Security limiting how apps can track users is also being added. There are brand new tabs to Discover, Create, Work, Play, and Develop with curated app collections based on specific purposes.

The new streamlined design will be welcomed by fans, and highlighting apps is a good way to shine a light on great releases which may otherwise have slipped under the radar, in the same way the iOS App Store has.

Apple is continuing with the popular tradition of naming the macOS after handsome landscapes. Apple's making those untidy desktops, the sort that give Stuff's art director massive facial tics, a thing of the past with a new stacking feature that will take the scattered mess that is your desktop and sort everything into neat little piles.

Over on Safari, Apple is also adding an option to block social networks such as Facebook or Twitter from tracking a user online using like buttons or similar implements.