Lego's Upgrading its AR Offerings Thanks to Apple's ARKit 2


The company released a software release called iOS 11.4 on Tuesday that unlocks more features for the smart speaker. You can now also group notifications with iOS 12. Yes. The display can also be set to dim automatically just before bedtime.

Apple on Monday announced a new app to allow users to get reports on how much their kids are using particular apps on their iPhones and iPads.

For people who want to take more control over their app usage, App Limits will let them set limits on the amount of time they spend in certain apps. Experts worry that all the flashy colors and beeps give users short-term, feel-good rewards while increasing stress in the long run.

Along similar lines, the iPhone's Do Not Disturb will now let users mute incoming notifications overnight, for an hour, or while at a specific location. "They beg us to use their apps". "Here's Apple telling the world: We want you to use our products less".

In other words, we're the anti-Facebook and don't you forget it.

Stocks app now gets News inside it, and it will be available on iPad. Even if users click to share an item, they will get a prompt with an option to prevent subsequent tracking.

Apple has announced that multiple users can now integrate augmented reality apps together with multiple iOS devices.

"As a result, your Mac will look like everybody else's Mac, and it'll be drastically more hard for data companies to identify your device and track you", Federighi claims.

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Still, the officials reffing Game 2 better make sure they're on the top of their game, as they're bound to be examined thoroughly. Applying a smart strategy is how the Houston Rockets succeeded in the first half of Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals.

Rising concern about smartphone addiction is less of a threat to Apple than other big tech companies. The company started that effort a year ago when it built AR tools into most iPhones and iPads; by contrast, Google had limited that to niche Android phone models.

Apple is making beta versions of its software available to developers, but download them at your own risk and certainly don't put them on devices you rely on for daily use.

Adobe (adbe)CTO Abhay Parasnis came on stage and said that Adobe is supporting the new AR file format and that Photoshop users will be able to tweak and modify the AR imagery. What remains to be seen is whether there is enough of a compelling reason for someone to use AR, even if it's built into everyday apps.

Apple also revamped its object detection technology with ARKit 2.

Apple's Siri voice assistant has avoided splashy headlines about privacy issues mostly because it is not created to be listening and collecting data 24/7 like Amazon's Alexa and the Google Assistant - but Siri's not ideal, either.

Apple has overhauled its virtual assistant Siri to control third-party apps without users having to open them.

An upgrade to iBooks with a new design and a new name: Apple Books. Later on your phone will remind you to send those photos to your friend, and then remind your friends to send their photos of the affair to you.

Apple hasn't released sales figures for its speaker, but estimates say the HomePod holds about 3 percent of the overall market in the United States, according to a February survey from investment firm Loup Ventures. Those who prefer to communicate with their own face instead of cartoon versions of it might appreciate the introduction of group calls to FaceTime.