Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s iOS 12


Like Android P, iOS 12 will come with new features that will focus on digital health - letting users better monitor their phone usage, and focus more on real life.

Also with wellness in mind, iOS 12's Screen Time feature will group your apps by category to determine which apps are sending you the most notifications. The new weekly activity summary will give users deeper insight into how they use their phones.

However iOS 12 is expected to introduce some improvements to Siri, one of which is a new app called Siri Shortcuts. A new Do Not Disturb during Bedtime mode will dim you iPhone's display and hide all alerts until the morning. As is now tradition, the company showed off the latest version of iOS at the event (iOS 12), delivering plenty of new features to the platform. Notifications will also be more interactive, allowing users to rate a driver or check into their flight right from the notification on their watch.

"You can make decisions about how much time you'd like to spend with your device each day", Apple's Craig Federighi told developers.

Screen Time and the new Notifications and Do Not Disturb features will be available with iOS 12 this fall.

The new Apple features won't reach users for a few months. You can also create time windows where your kids won't be able to use their phones at all. Apple plans to instead send out generic data to such collectors, making a user's device look just like any other Apple device. The description below the new toggle is similarly vague, elaborating that, "In addition to continuously learning how you look, Face ID can recognize an alternative appearance".

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Apple is gearing up for a huge iOS 12 update!

Other notable apps getting updated with iOS 12 include CarPlay, which is gaining support for third-party navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps; Photos, which is getting search suggestions; Stocks, which is gaining Apple News integration and an iPad version; iBooks, which is becoming Apple Books and is getting a new design; and Voice Memos, which is getting a redesign of its own along with iCloud support.

This will be similar in concept to the Google Home Routines where users can group together a series of actions that can be executed with either a tap on the app or with a customized voice command.

There are a lot of iOS 12 features that Apple didn't talk about on stage yesterday but are noteworthy.

At WWDC 2018, Apple announced updates to iOS 12 that will make Siri a better business assistant via app Shortcuts. Even crazier, Apple has stated that up to 32 different people can take part in a group video chat at the same time. In a demo run by Lego, two iPads were shown to be running an AR game focused on a small lego building. For example, if you add a shortcut to the Tile app to find your keys, you can assign your own phrase, like "I lost my keys", to the shortcut, so when you say the phrase to Siri, it will automatically activate Tile.

Set for full release this fall, the company's mobile operating system is now in developer preview, with a public beta expected later this month.