76ers' Bryan Colangelo Used 5 Twitter Accounts to Criticize Players, Coaches, Execs


These accounts, which followed others mostly within Colangelo's personal and professional orbit, consistently tweeted messages supporting Colangelo or criticizing Hinkie, the man who Colangelo replaced as the head of the Sixers, and Masai Ujiri, who followed Colangelo as GM in Toronto.

Colangelo was hired as president of basketball operations for Philadelphia in April 2016.

In one particularly weird tweet, Still Balling even accused Brown of sidelining Fultz in order to sabotage the team.

Even if Colangelo didn't operate all 5 twitter accounts -after all he only confirmed that one of the five was his- is there too much smoke now to were ownership won't take action?

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Wojnarowski, on his own Twitter account, expressed skepticism about Colangelo's denial that the insulting tweets were written by him. But the only one of the five that Colangelo, who issued a statement to The Ringer on Tuesday, would admit to owning was the @phila1234567 account which followed several National Basketball Association personalities, but never posted a tweet of its own. Colangelo may have denied the report to Embiid, but as the Sixers star also said, all he can do is believe him until proven otherwise. The accounts mention top 76ers draft picks Markelle Fultz and Joel Embiid as well as former Philadelphia players Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel. "The allegations are serious and we have commenced an independent investigation into the matter".

That afternoon, within hours of the call, all three of the accounts I hadn't discussed with the team switched from public to private, effectively taking them offline-including one (HonestAbe) that hadn't been active since December.

According to The Ringer, one of the Twitter accounts it connected to Colangelo bristled at the suggestion that Hinkie deserved credit for the Sixers' turnaround.

"BC has done nothing but clean up hinkie's mess", the account user wrote in January 2017, referring to Colangelo. One of the accounts that The Ringer linked to Colangelo blamed Fultz's poor performance on his longtime trainer and his "so called mentor/father figure". The Twitter accounts defended the trade, describing Noel as a "selfish punk" who was "behaving like a vulture" and was "bad for locker room".