Xbox Adaptive Controller will be launching this year for $99.99


Microsoft have a product here that has the potential to help many people globally to enjoy the magic of video games, ' said Dr Mick Donegan, founder of SpecialEffect.

While it might nearly be second nature for many gamers to pick up a gamepad and flick sticks, pull triggers and press buttons as they jump around in a first person shooter, there are many gamers who need to play with limited mobility. We worked closely with them and directly with gamers who have limited mobility to assist in our development. Announced Wednesday, the Xbox Adaptive Controller - which will launch later this year with a Canadian price tag of $129.99 - was designed with plenty of input from people like Romney, as well as non-profit organizations such as Warfighter Engaged and SpecialEffect, which are dedicated to helping disabled players find ways to indulge their hobby.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller has a large rectangular design for use on a person's lap, with two large programmable buttons designed which users can interact with using their hands, elbows or feet. While this means it won't be an all-in-one solution right out of the box for many, it does make it possible to address a wide range of physical needs rather than just one.

Xbox Adaptive Controller Trailer - how does it look?

"Game technology had outpaced my ability to adapt myself to the controller", said Romney, a retail learning specialist with Microsoft.

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The controller works on PC, and Xbox One, and players can remap the various functions using the Xbox Accessories App.

Xbox Adaptive Controller release date - when it is coming out?

Since it has been more or less confirmed that Microsoft is indeed working on a new Xbox controller, this leaked image could be one of the designs that the company is now currently testing.

Microsoft has been doing loads of stuff lately to empower people who deserve extra care.

Microsoft has set a USA price of $99.99 for the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which will be up for grabs exclusively through the company's online store. A specialized controller for those unable to play video games due to mobility issues.