Microsoft To Release Low-Cost Tablets To Rival iPad


Microsoft might be planning to launch low-priced Surface Tablets to take on Apple iPads.

Microsoft's current range of Surface tablet convertible devices concentrate on the premium end of the market.

Video conferencing is also a relevant feature with the new business Skype, which allows you to write notes on screen in addition to voice and video. The report also claims that the Microsoft tablets will be 20% lighter than the Apple counterparts.

Like the iPad, Microsoft's new tablets will incorporate rounded edges. But the $400 Surface tablet will apparently be the first of Microsoft's PC to rely on USB-C for power.

Apple reportedly sold 44 million iPads in the past four quarters, notching US$20 billion. It will be accompanied by more affordable versions of Microsoft's keyboard cover, mouse, and Surface Pen.

Microsoft is planning to add devices with LTE connectivity, which had been lacking on the Surface Pro until this past year's model.

MS patent paperback
Microsoft has some interesting patents – more interesting than a cheaper Surface

On Tuesday, the company released the enormous Surface Hub 2 touchscreen, a 50.5-inch device that is created to replace the whiteboard.

The Surface line of laptops and 2-in-1s has been improved upon and bolstered by new models many times in recent years, leading to such fantastic offerings as the Surface Pro and the Surface Book 2. The Surface Pro now sells for A$1199 (US$799). Microsoft's entire Surface hardware division made just $4.4 billion in sales during the same period.

While it's unlikely that a cheaper Surface tablet will result in the same hype we see around the iPad, it would definitely go a long way towards making the devices more accessible.

Perhaps most importantly, there's no reason to fear an unlikely comeback of the universally loathed Windows RT platform, with the full 10 Pro experience to be offered on a tighter than usual budget.

The latest incarnation of the tablet integrates with Apple Pencil and features over 200,000 education dedicated apps. This is Microsoft's second attempt to bring out less pricey tablets.

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