HTC is working on a blockchain-powered Android smartphone


It adds that Exodus will come with a "universal wallet" that will support cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dfinity, and Lightning Networks Plus including others.

Will this phone give HTC a way to boost its ailing smartphone fortunes?

We have blockchains for currencies, blockchains for sex, and blockchains for phones.

All the usual stuff like hardware or pricing is still far off. Others, including Huawei, have announced that it will also be making a Blockchain smartphone.

Introduced and led by Phil Chen, a co-founder of HTC Vive, the Exodus is meant to be the "world's first phone dedicated to decentralized applications and security".

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Taiwanese consumer electronics HTC Corporation has announced its plans for the world's first ever native blockchain smartphone dedicated to providing consumers with high-end experiences while running decentralized applications (DApps).

Speaking to the publication, Chen stated that HTC is working on integrating blockchain applications with the phone's hardware in order to increase support for the entire blockchain ecosystem. It will also be interesting to know whether or not the HTC Exodus will employ a sandboxed environment for tighter security.

The HTC Exodus exists separately from HTC's main phone business, and it is not the same phone planned for HTC's May 23 announcement. The Taiwanese company announced at the Consensus 2018 Blockchain Conference in NY that the blockchain based Exodus will be available in October.

HTC isn't the first to tout a blockchain phone. Meanwhile, the Blockchain phone from the Sirin labs is due for an October launch. There's no word on when the Exodus will be made official, but we should get more details later today.