USA offers to help rebuild N Korea economy if it denuclearises


The Mainichi Shimbun's Washington-based correspondent cited United States diplomatic sources as saying there was a chance that Mr Xi may meet Mr Trump and Mr Kim in Singapore.

Hardliners in the North are believed to see possession of a nuclear weapon as a guarantee against US-led efforts to topple Kim's regime. But North Korea has said it's willing to talk now because it's already succeeded in becoming a nuclear-armed state, fueling skepticism that the North would truly being willing to give those weapons up. That means Trump's stewardship of the nuclear crisis is now far more popular than the President himself, the network said.

A summit in Pyongyang, North Korea's capital, would have been a tremendous propaganda coup for Kim, who desperately craves global legitimacy.

The summit will occur in Singapore on June 12.

Trump would have claimed a summit in Washington as a major diplomatic win.

Moon Jae-in, the president of South Korea, is pledging to boost cultural exchanges with his country's neighbors to the north.

DR SHIN BEOM CHUL, a senior fellow at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies in Seoul.

Since Trump announced plans to hold a summit with Kim, questions have been raised continually about whether the two leaders have the same objective in mind when they speak about "denuclearization". "These sanctions are threatening the livelihoods of millions of North Koreans at the root".

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The Shangri-La appears to be the most obvious fit.

The North Korean leader will no doubt try to profit from South Korea's eagerness to banish the war talk that flared between Kim and Trump. It has developed into one of Asia's most affluent nations.

"So those were the initial steps that the North Koreans took".

"The hotel has not received confirmation on the venue and is not in a position to make any comments on behalf of the stakeholders involved in the preparation of this summit", Monica Alsagoff, Shangri-La's communications director, said in an email. Shah added that Singapore was selected as the venue for the historic meeting because it had political ties with both the countries.

The three-tower, 2,561-room property, which opened in 2011, now competes with the Merlion statue as Singapore's most iconic landmark, dominating the skyline with a huge boat-like structure on top that houses a 150-meter (492-foot) -long swimming pool.

President Trump is mercurial, to be sure, calling Kim "Little Rocket Man" one day and praising him as a leader deserving of respect another. But there could be security challenges to hosting the summit so close to Singapore's busiest streets.

Foreign investors might be interested in expanding North Korea's mineral exports, such as coal and iron. However, it's questionable whether there would be enough rooms at the island's hotels to accommodate what's likely to be a huge number of delegates, security personnel and reporters.

Singapore is an ideal site for the summit because Singapore historically has been an honest broker between East and West. Singapore has been a great friend to the USA but also Singapore has carefully worked to be a friend to all, which has earned it trust in capitals around the world.