Ryan Reynolds goes on Korean singing show disguised as unicorn


The actor is now promoting the upcoming "Deadpool 2". When asked again about the possibility of a threequel by Variety, Reynolds sounded a lot more hopeful. It's hard not, in the very early stages too, to feel like you're in safe hands.

However, things soon start to flatten.

Despite a tendency toward elephantiasis in story and scope, not to mention blatant franchise pandering, Deadpool 2 still plays like the runt of the comic-book litter. Similarly, if you hated the first one, you probably won't find much to love about the follow-up either. Now, though, there's a feeling that it's all more expected.

At a recent screening of "Deadpool 2", the audience didn't get up when the end credits came up, patiently sitting through the scrolling names of visual effects supervisors and lighting specialists. There are a couple of excellent gags in here, that I won't spoil, but that stick out all the more so because so numerous other moments fell flat for me. If you enjoyed the first one, there's every chance you'll like this one as well. Just because you're openly acknowledging that you're getting a big effects fight next, it doesn't mitigate the fact that the resultant battle drags.

Back in the late 1960s, Marvel produced a comic book series called Not Brand Echh, spoofing its treasured brands. Like the first film, the movie uses meta-humor to try to overcome shortcomings in plot and the usage of superhero cliches, but it doesn't work so well this time.

In a clip shared by Reynolds, Beckham can be seen watching a scene from the first Deadpool film on repeat in which Reynolds jokes that the footballer sounds like he has consumed a can of helium.

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One of the funniest things about Deadpool in the comics is that he is self-aware of living in a comic and gets to break the fourth wall and give a nod and a wink to the reader that he knows exactly what is going on. They're not there long when the prison is under siege by Cable (Josh Brolin), a cyborg assassin from the future. Either you exist in a world where everything, including the very film itself, is subject to mockery, or you don't. The studio's trepidation is easy to understand; after all, the title character is a vulgar, murderous antihero operating in the same universe as the much more family-friendly X-Men.

Following his unmasking after failing to advance to the next round, the audience and panelists during the episode's recording of Masked Singer erupted in shock, and many tried to snap pictures of the Hollywood star.

You can count on Ryan Reynolds for a truly magical performance.

The problem is that there's just so dang many of them.

Goddard now has both hands on deck for Bad Times at the El Royale, leaving X-Force without a production start date. I'm not sure I even cracked a smile, so much as a chuckle. It stuck out watching the film, and it sticks out thinking about it afterwards. And yet at the end, Deadpool 2 is similar to its predecessor in that you'll have a blast while watching it and then nearly immediately start to forget it. But it's, in my view at least, a downgrade on the first film, both narratively and comedically.

With "Deadpool 2", which is a running commentary on its own sardonic self, it helps to have a high tolerance for superhero genre.