Google to launch 'Take a Break' feature for YouTubers


As a part of Google's digital well-being efforts, the first change has arrived in the form of a YouTube update.

Google's YouTube gets a new feature which now lets users tell to stop watching the videos on the platform.

After you have selected the topic, YouTube will show you a notification to take a break from watching videos. When the timer reaches the reminder that has been set, the video will be paused. Along with the company's effort to create a safer platform for the users, YouTube is also adding tools that will remind users to take breaks from the service.

This "take a break" feature does exactly what it sounds like.

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The new feature will enable the users to set a reminder for every 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes, at which point the video will pause and users will receive "Take a Break" notification that they have been binge-watching videos for longer than they made a decision to. You can choose to either take a break and go see how the outside world looks, or decide to hit the blue-colored "Dismiss" button and continue with your binge-watching sessions.

Now you need to go to Settings General. Google has already been working with a number of developers and designers on this new iteration of Material Design, including popular Podcast app Pocket Casts. If you are an Android user and don't see this feature yet, make sure you are using the latest version of YouTube by updating it from the Play Store.

You can set break reminders in the YouTube app by visiting Settings. This type of updates take longer than expected and Google might have released this update in phases. What we could suggest is, wait for a couple of more days.