UFC 224 Results: Amanda Nunes TKO Raquel Pennington


Pennington tends to do the best of her work inside the clinch, but with Nunes' striking as unsafe as it is... Nunes took her down and landed hammerfists until the bout was stopped.

For five rounds, Nunes bloodied and battered Pennington with hard leg kicks and quick punches.

From there, Nunes kept the pressure on, with takedowns of her own and slowly tenderizing Pennington's face.

Amanda Nunes gains control against Raquel Pennington on the way to retaining her world title for a third time. Souza got the fight to the ground in the first round and dominated the grappling exchange, getting to mount multiple times. "I like and respect these girls so much, especially Tecia".

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A dominant fourth round saw a weird and absurd end as at the end of the round, Pennington returned to the corner and wanted out of the fight, due to a broken twisted nose.

But Pennington didn't have anything left in the tank, and Nunes went in for the finish, pinning Pennington on her back around the 3:00 mark. It was the most hard in my career.

As for Pennington, she showed incredible toughness throughout the fight, although her corner didn't do her any favors by not stopping the contest when their athlete said she was done. But we are going to leave this cage and have a beer and celebrate our friendship.

Nunes and Pennington are friends away from the cage, and that probably won't change. Pennington's nose began running blood like a faucet, she turtled up and it was soon over. She started to land her jab and follow-up right hand, but she was always forced to move forward as she threw, which seemed to have a negative effect on the power of the shots. The win also leaves Nunes with a tough decision for what comes next as she could potentially look for a fourth straight defense of her belt against fellow Brazilian Ketlen Vieira or hold out for a super fight against women's featherweight champion Cris Cyborg instead.