Mother's Day has endured test of time


On one of those last days I arrived at the nursing home to visit, she told me her mother was there every morning. Even the gifts designed are based on moms with messages to care for your mother and coupons for medical check-ups or salon vouchers to pamper your mom with.

While many countries around the globe, including South Africa, have adopted the American celebration of Mother's Day, many more have their own, much older, celebrations of motherhood. An Internet site said carnations traditionally have been associated with Mother's Day. I have to be much more accommodating now to the process of dealing with another human being.

What impact did your mother have on your life? Give your dad the first letter or clue and ask him to give it to her early morning on Mother's Day, so she can start her scavenger hunt. My mother's laugh was epic.

According to Wikipedia, Jarvis famously admonished society: "A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world". It can only be described as an "episode". I lost out on a lot of precious time with my children - just to keep them.

On the other hand, she still has a U.S. Census to look forward to in a couple of years. She was laughing at herself, dressing smeared all over the glass, and her mouth agape.

Several months ago a woman called, and I could tell she needed to talk.

As a teenager, my first instinct was to bolt.

And, yet, it somehow represents exactly who my mother was. Jarvis would later denounce the holiday's commercialization and spent the latter part of her life trying to remove it from the calendar.

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The other story is also a tad ridiculous. This was during the time our mother had macular degeneration and was unable to drive. And I'd experienced how important mothers are in establishing and maintaining the routines and rituals so necessary for individual and family well-being. As many mothers would say, there's nothing quite as rewarding as motherhood.

Her daughter sought to honor her mother's lifelong activism by urging national leaders to create a day memorializing mothers.

It took us all a long time to navigate these things. She resides with her family in Georgia. Sometimes though, life takes us in a different direction, and we might find ourselves away from our moms over Mother's Day. For those of us that dropped off our babies at the break of dawn and picked them up at sunset just to make ends meet, I salute you.

When I was 19, I graduated from college. She raised me well and I always celebrate her.

All has some possibilities that are shorter: "Happy Mother's Day to the person who gave me life and taught me love" and "Mom, I've loved you my whole life, but I haven't always appreciated you like I should". I learned to count to three as she counted off the beats to a never-ending line of would-be Glenn Goulds who struggled through scales on the piano in the dining room, while we were confined to the kitchen. When I had my first son, things were kind of rough, and at one point, I had to be doing two jobs because it was me alone. We will follow it with other Indian cuisines.

Those were the sacrifices you made for me, for us. My father worked rotating shifts so we had certain times where if it was the time he was sleeping we had to be extremely quiet or out of the house.

I've never been that that close to my Mom.