Flying cars is the future of travel, Uber says


Initially, Uber says, the electric aerial taxis will be piloted, but the goal is to make them autonomous, mirroring its plan for self-driving cars.

Doubts have emerged about plans by tech giant Uber to test flying cars during the Dubai's Expo 2020 event after the company launched a search for an global city to launch operations.

Space Agency said they are experimenting on prototypes at Dallas fort worth global Airport.

The recent news tells us that Uber is going to introduce air mobility through the flying taxi.

At its second Elevate summit this week, Uber is revealing new concept images that shed light on what it's hoping will be the flying cars that carry passengers in the future.

The ride-hailing company announced during its two-day Elevate Summit that it's taking applications until Jul. 1 from worldwide cities that want to become an uberAIR launch city.

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Dallas and Los Angeles were previously announced as the first two launch cities, and Uber is now seeking an worldwide city as the third partner. "Ultimately, where we want to go is about urban mobility and urban transport, and being a solution for the cities in which we operate".

Uber said it had reopened its selection process to include other cities which fit more of its criteria for showcasing how flying taxis can help to relieve urban congestion. "It will allow the Army to rapidly advance mutually beneficial technology to inform objectives for silent and efficient VTOL, or vertical takeoff and landing operation, for the next generation fleet of Army unmanned air vehicles". To do this, NASA will simulate flights in the Dallas-Fort Worth airspace - Dallas and Los Angeles have both agreed to host initial flying Uber tests.

Rendering of Uber's latest model of flying taxi.

All these details are subject to change, but it seems Uber is fully committed to making these flying cars a reality.

NASA and Uber have signed an agreement to ensure safe development of flying taxis in urban environments.

According to the announcement, Uber will not build the vehicles and instead, opt to partner with existing players in the industry to manufacture "vertical take-off and landing" (VTOL) air crafts for the uberAIR network. Uber plans to start flight demonstrations in Los Angeles by 2020, and launch commercial flights by 2023.