SoftBank-owned Boston Dynamics prepares to unleash its dog-like robot


In only a day, the video has racked up more than 900,000 page views, a testament to the powerful impression that Boston Dynamics's videos continually leave on viewers.

The company will start selling the dog-like robots in 2019, likely to businesses for use as a camera-equipped security guard. On the other hand, while the company hasn't revealed the pricing yet, they have said that the latest SpotMini prototype costs 10 times less to build as compared to the iteration before it. SpotMini is even able to navigate stairs.

The fact that the Atlas robot can jump over a log is perhaps not too surprising if you consider that the same Boston Dynamics design was shown doing backflips past year.

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Boston Dynamics' robot dog SpotMini will soon be available for purchase, the company announced Friday, after improving the bot to roll over, walk by itself and even open doors.

The video also shows him jumping over logs, and while it definitely slows him down - he has to stop first and then jump - he does it without issue.

Boston Dynamics knows exactly how to get our attention, and the firm's latest two videos show its robots self-navigate both inside and outside. The terrain outside is uneven, and elevated at certain points. Atlas is the same robot we saw doing back flips previous year. Most of Boston Dynamics' robotics research had been applied in the military until Google bought the Waltham, Massachusetts, company in 2013.