Android P makes Volvo's in-car infotainment system even better


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There's also a "shush" feature, which will automatically silence incoming calls and notifications when you flip the phone over, as well as something called "wind down". Google is developing new controls, expected in Android P, meant to pry you away from your smartphone and YouTube. Not only can you copy texts of what you see, Google Lens now matches you up with items listed on the internet when you point your camera to an item in front of you. The general advice is not to install beta software on a device you really rely on - like your main smartphone.

"You open the camera and you start to see [Google] Lens surface proactively all the information instantly and it even anchors that information to the things that you see", said vice president Aparna Chennapragada at Google I/O.

The ADT-2 is taking on the role of a new developer device, but these devices also usually double as the consumer flagship of the Android platform. But be forewarned: in order to go back to Android Oreo you will need to completely wipe your phone.

The iPhone X doesn't have a back button, but it does share some Gestures with the Android P beta.

Android P is also about improving suggestions and making it simpler to help you perform the next action without going through too many steps in between.

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From there it's just a question of clicking "Opt in" under the device you want to use, and you're away, though you may get one or two extra instructions depending on your phone. It's definitely not the Play Store you're probably used to, though: Google told us there are "thousands of apps" that have been pre-approved for use on in-car Android systems, though most of the ones I got to try were streaming services like Spotify and Deezer.

With the help of artificial intelligence, Android P also will watch how a user handles notifications. You might also notice odd behaviour from apps that haven't yet been updated to work fully with Android P.

Company CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google has been working on newer and more life-like version of its spoken AI that features natural voice that is "closer to how humans speak". The latest preview brings features like Adaptive Battery, App Actions, Slices and Gesture Navigation and App Limit, among other things. It has since grown a bit long in the tooth, as some apps require more screen real estate to operate correctly.

Android P is Googles biggest and most ambitious update to Android yet.

Turn your phone face down to "shush" - Flipping your phone onto its face will turn on "do not disturb" mode, which silences calls, buzzes and other visual notifications.