Alphabet, Intel, FedEx, AT&T among drone pilot winners: universities


Current rules prohibit nighttime drone flights or operations over people without a waiver from the Federal Aviation Administration. Also tapped was the city of Reno and the drone delivery company Flirtey, which is working to launch an automated external defibrillator delivery service for cardiac emergencies.

The initial awardees in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program include towns in California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Virginia, Kansas, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, North Dakota and Alaska.

The US Transportation Department's 10 winning drone pilot projects aimed at spurring the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in a wide variety of fields do not include Inc and China's DJI, but do involve Apple, Alphabet Inc, and Microsoft Corp.

The ten companies granted permission to begin drone testing was announced by US Transport secretary Elaine Chao.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in a 2013 "60 Minutes" interview that the company is pushing for drones to deliver products to people's doors by 2018.

General Electric (GE) subsidiaries and other companies will help test drones for an array of state, local and tribal government projects approved Wednesday by the Transportation Department. No federal funds will be spent on the program. "Now we're on steroids", Govan said. According to some reports, U.S. Department of Transportation will declare 10 winning state or local government bodies for insertion in the program today. "I do think it's a big step forward".

The projects are part of an effort called the Integration Pilot Program announced in November. And he echoed concerns of residents and government security officials about unidentified drones circling overhead in threatening or intrusive ways. Google and its Street View cars are one thing, being potentially snooped on by drones is another. "Is that legal?" Tester asked. "You deal with it", Tester pressed.

"It is the future and we need to grab hold of it", Brockman said.

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Grace Simrall, the city's chief of civic innovation, and Fischer's spokespersons did not immediately respond to an email from Insider Louisville asking if their drone proposal would be shelved for the time being due to not being one of the FAA awardees.

There were some were some notable names that didn't make the cut for the pilot program. He said the company offered congratulations and would "be happy to assist any of them with hardware, software or technical assistance".

Of course, President Donald Trump recently criticized Amazon, claiming it doesn't pay taxes and hurts the U.S. Postal Service.

Elaine Chao, the Secretary for Transportation in the USA, claimed that drone employment is increasing. Data will be used by the FAA to help expand drone flights and to also test how to balance national versus local government interests in the emerging industry. So-called beyond-visible-line-of-sight flights offer some of the greatest potential for commercial operations, but are also among the most hard technically to ensure they don't strike other aircraft or veer off course.

Amazon said the fate of its applications was unfortunate, but it was focused on developing safe operations for drones.

The other partnering Virginia counties are Buckingham, Cumberland, Montgomery, Prince Edward and Wise.

Drones may soon be able to fly at night, among other benefits.

The business uses of drones have really accelerated in the past year.