NBC says leadership did not receive complaints about Matt Lauer


And at the same time, they have a second major figure, retired NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw, who was just accused of sexual harassment by three former colleagues. It merely consulted with them.

That is one reason the company has been taken to task for not hiring an outside investigation firm to handle the inquiry.

The report seeks to add new information to press accounts of what may have been transpiring at NBC News behind the scenes.

An NBCUniversal corporate spokesperson told the Erik Wemple Blog that the "investigation was thorough, objective and conducted at the corporate level, outside the news division". NBCUniversal launched an investigation as a result.

21st Century Fox, which fired or parted ways with a number of senior Fox News executives after allegations of harassment were levied against them, hired an outside law firm, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP, to ride herd on its investigation into the unit. The report found that no one was punished for not responding positively to them and that, in the cases they found, that he didn't persist but nonetheless that this was something that because there were no consequences to this kind of conversation, that people didn't feel comfortable reporting. The report says that NBC News received allegations that Lauer had engaged in "inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace with them in 2000, 2001, and 2007, respectively".

Besides seeking additional complaints, the Lauer investigation was meant to discover whether anyone in a position of authority within NBC News knew about inappropriate workplace behavior by Lauer prior to November 27, 2017. While many admitted they "heard or read rumors about Lauer's personal life... and the possibility of extramarital affairs", the interviewees apparently assumed that "the rumored extramarital affairs were with women outside of the Company".

"Most witnesses had positive things to say about Lauer's demeanor in the workplace". One incident subsequently uncovered ― in which Lauer put his hand on a colleague's thigh and made a sexual comment ― dated back to 1996.

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After the investigation was released, NBC News president Andy Lack wrote in a memo to staff that employees can now report these issues to both employee counselors and outside counsel.

There's a helpful level of detail in the 7-page report.

According to the report, the four women "confirmed that they did not tell their direct manager or anyone else in a position of authority about their sexual encounters with Lauer". Vester also said a letter supporting Brokaw that circulated among NBC News employees - and was signed by the likes of Rachel Maddow and Andrea Mitchell - could have a chilling effect.

Lauer addressed the report in a public statement obtained by Variety. "However I want to make it perfectly clear that any allegations or reports of coercive, aggressive or abusive actions on my part, at any time, are absolutely false". An NBC spokesman told Ellison that the company had "no record" of the warning, nor was it in Lauer's personnel file.

Curry said she approached two members of NBC's management team after an NBC female staffer told her she was "sexually harassed physically" by Lauer. In a discussion with the investigation team, Curry confirmed that she did not disclose to anyone in management that she had received a specific complaint. The Washington Post published its own article in April about Ann Curry, who famously was mistreated by Lauer before she was awkwardly fired from "Today". They said there was no credible evidence to show that current news leadership - and they'd also interviewed some past executives - had any knowledge of the kind of sexual harassment that came to light last fall.

Could further digging occur here?