Katy Perry Almost Didn't Grace The Met Gala With Her Presence


The very subtle religious reference reality/social/beauty star Kim Kardashian West's shimmering floor-length, fitted gold Versace gown makes via the two embroidered crucifix symbols turns this gown into one of the most clever and interesting interpretations of the Met Gala 2018 theme yet.

The rapper has been causing controversy in recent weeks, with tweets in support of controversial US president Donald Trump and his remark that "slavery was a choice".

Prior to stepping out for the exhibit, hosted by Anna Wintour and co-chairs Rihanna, Amal Clooney and Donatella Versace, Kim hinted that she'd be attending the event with the designer on social media. First time Met Gala attendee Kiersey Clemons sported a new platinum buzz cut, a far cry from her wavy dark pixie curls for her debut trip down the steps of the red carpet.

Kanye has been holed up in a cabin in Wyoming working on his new music for the past few months.

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Her look was finished with her hair worn in a high ponytail, and a gorgeous manicure.

Kim took to her own Twitter account to squash any speculation before it even had a chance to really begin, offering a fair explanation as to why she had walked the red carpet solo.

After a fan tweeted a photo of Kardashian showing off her nails to Perry, the star explained, "Katy actually flew my nails on her plane over to me from LA LOL. So had to show her!"