This WhatsApp message can crash your phone


However, a new WhatsApp message bomb is so powerful that it crashes even the operating system. WhatsApp users need to be on the lookout for scams every time they open the app, but a new "message bomb" is taking things to the next level.

Just a few days ago, a spam forwarded message was making the rounds and even though it actually has the "don't touch here" part of the message, even if you do not actually touch, it still caused WhatsApp to hang and/or crash.

As these buggy messages just crash the WhatsApp, there nothing malicious about the prank.

Like other message bombs, the messages in this one feature hidden symbols between spaces. However, there's no timeline on when WhatsApp is planning to release the application, but the company is said to be working so hard in implementing all the features available in the Android version in iOS version.

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Why it does this is due to the nature of the message; it contains symbols that WhatsApp doesn't yet recognise, and is therefore invisible to the user. This new URL will let you access chats from only those users you want to speak to with the simple filling in of their phone number. The first one involves an ominous black dot that comes with a warning on what will happen if you tap on it, while the other is worse because doesn't come with any warning.

The message consists of a black icon, clicking on that black icon will cause your WhatsApp to freeze or make it unresponsive.

The website also noted that there seem to be two variants of this WhatsApp message being forwarded. However, it is still recommended to not click on them.

We don't know how much time will WhatsApp take to resolve this issue. However, this becomes hard because when you don't want to click on the message notifications that have piled up and accidentally open the wrong chat. You won't lose any data and there's no indication that any of these messages can hack into your device.