Microsoft Isn't Done With Kinect Yet


A new initiative, Project Kinect for Azure - a package of sensors from Microsoft that contains our unmatched time of flight depth camera, with onboard compute, in a small, power-efficient form factor - designed for AI on the Edge.

Microsoft is seeking to advance its big push around the "intelligent edge" with a rollout of new capabilities and technologies for developers. This solution makes available the key hardware and software required to develop camera-based IoT solutions. Adaptive Cards are now supported within Microsoft 365.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's fast-growing Azure Cosmos DB is getting updates such as new multi-master capabilities (supporting cloud and edge) and enhanced security through the general availability of support for Microsoft's Virtual Network (VNet) service. This builds on the company's commitment to developers and open source.

The above quote came from a Monday press release introducing some of the newest features that Microsoft believes will help developers take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI).

Another edge initiative announced at Build was Custom Vision being able to run on Azure IoT Edge. IntelliCode provides intelligent suggestions to improve code quality and productivity and is available in preview today in Visual Studio.

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There has been no time frame given as to when the Timeline feature will be made accessible to Android users but it should not be too long.

At Build 2018 today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella unveiled Project Kinect for Azure. In addition, Microsoft said that the Visual Studio App Center has now been integrated with GitHub to allow developers to more easily automate their DevOps processes.

Following the AI trend, Microsoft also announced a new effort called AI for Accessibility.

Not only will the Microsoft Launcher updated support enterprise customers, the launcher will also support the new Windows 10 Timeline for "cross-device application launching".

But an even more dramatic development will be the ability to actually see content that lives in your phone right on a desktop window on the PC.