Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition: Everything You Need to Know


And if the kid tells Alexa that "I'm being bullied", the response is, "I'm so sorry to hear that". Kids have easy access to premium skills, alarms, games and more with Alexa and through the Amazon App Store on Fire and Android tablets. There are some who object to any products aimed at kids, but the fact is that kids love to use technology, love story-telling and media and benefit from learning tools. The Amazon Echo Dot Kids can now be pre-ordered in blue, green or red for the price of $79.99.

If your kid breaks an Echo Dot, Amazon says parents can return it and they'll replace it for free.

FreeTime gives users "family-focused features" and new parental controls that adults can use to restrict what their kids can do with Alexa. FreeTime on Alexa is free, and simply needs to be added to the Echo device that parents may already have in the home. This version of Alexa is also programmed to respond to questions differently.

Buyers will have a subscription to the service for a year, but it can be purchased for $2.99 per month per child as well after that time, The Verge reported.

The update comes as the company is expanding its efforts to woo children as part of their smart home push.

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But these features don't come cheap.

How much does the Echo Dot Kids Edition cost?

Amazon joins the likes of Facebook and YouTube creating alternative versions of their products/platform for kids. "These devices are very troubling, and consumers have no idea what is being captured about them, where it's stored, who has access to the information, and how it is or could be used". Kids can also ask for knock-knock jokes, ask Alexa for a song, and more. Parents can also limit when the Echo will work preventing them from playing with it when they should be sleeping. It's possible to disconnect the microphones by pressing the mute button.

The Echo Dot Kids device is exactly the same hardware wise apart from the bright casing. "AI devices not only raise a host of privacy concerns but also interfere with the face-to-face interactions and kid-driven play that children need to grow and thrive".

Another smart FreeTime feature, called "Magic Word, ' rewards kids when they're polite and use 'please" when they talk to Alexa. When Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Congress earlier this month, he took steps to assure lawmakers that the data from users of its Messenger Kids app "will not be shared with third parties". The standalone messaging app, targeted at children ages six to 12, allows kids to chat with friends and make video calls.