Surviving the Golden State Killer: Santa Cruz woman remembers slain relatives


DeAngelo is "depressed and right now, fragile", attorney Diane Howard told CNN.

Candace Creech says she started crying from the shock of hearing the news of DeAngelo's arrest. At about 2:30 a.m. the husband was awakened by someone touching his feet.

San Diego resident Margaret Wardlow told FOX 5's Kathleen Bade she was just 12 years old when she was raped by the Golden State Killer at her childhood home in Sacramento.

Joseph James DeAngelo, a 72-year-old former police officer, was taken into custody this week on suspicion of being the serial killer. Inside the hunt for the "Golden State Killer" with investigator Paul HolesHe's scheduled to be arraigned in Sacramento County Court on two counts of murder but is suspected of at least ten more murders and upwards of 50 rapes from 1976 to 1986.

When investigators released information that DNA used on a genealogy website was used to track DeAngelo, a lot of people assumed it came from or 23andMe, two of the most recognizable. The whole book resonated with me, but there's one particular sentence she wrote that's still rattling around in my head: "Seeking is the lever that tips our dopamine gush".

Holes says officials did not need a court order to access GEDMatch's large database of genetic blueprints.

Joseph James DeAngelo, the alleged Golden State Killer was apprehended using DNA from a genealogical website.

He served aboard the USS Canberra, a guided missile cruiser, during the Vietnam War, according to Navy Public Affairs.

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Incidentally, Oswalt had been booked on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about Oswalt's sitcom AP Bio Wednesday night, but as Meyers put it, "sometimes, events conspire", and the pair chatted about the case.

The unusual manner in which the Golden State Killer case was cracked has sparked wonderment - as well as privacy concerns about how law enforcement can and does use the genetic information that consumers give up to genetic testing companies. DeAngelo was sacked after stealing a can of dog repellent and a hammer from a drug store, according to the Auburn Journal.

He went on to live what appears to be a quiet life. In 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation offered up to $50,000 as a reward for information on the killer who they described as a 6-foot-tall white male, 60 to 75 years-old with blond or light brown hair.

"In his last years, Tom McNamara followed Michelle and Patton's careers, and especially the book Michelle was writing about the "Golden State Killer"," the obituary stated. Now, it could get samples from anyone not just convicted of a felony, but even arrested for one.

Garrett said he thinks it's important for investigators to look at DNA connected to outstanding sexual assault cases throughout California, adding the "Golden State Killer" may have changed his MO after 1986.

The DNA process used to identify DeAngelo was first reported by The Sacramento Bee.

"I began my quest in the mid 90s".

Authorities compared the DNA from the Smith double murder to what's available on genealogy websites to find a family tree for the suspect, sources said.