Waffle House hero to be honored by legislature


A 29-year-old man who was hailed a hero after he successfully disarmed a shooter who allegedly opened fire at a Tennessee Waffle House early Sunday has now raised over $95,000 for the victims' families. "Knowing that as he was working here and certainly after he left and under the conditions he left at".

According to local news reports, Susan Niland, a spokeswoman with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, said even though Reinking was forbidden from having guns in IL, it didn't mean he couldn't have them in Tennessee.

The alleged shooter eluded police until Monday, when he was captured in a wooded area less than a mile from the Waffle House.

He is being jailed in Tennessee without bond. And a year before that, Travis' parents had called the police because Travis became convinced the pop star Taylor Swift was stalking him.

He said he went to Vanderbilt University Medical Center to visit some of the victims who were wounded.

People are stepping up to contribute to two GoFundMe campaigns aimed to support both the victims of the Waffle House shooting as well as James Shaw Jr., the hero who disarmed the gunman.

The sheriff's department called his father, who was out of state.

"Someone who was paranoid about something", Hartline said of Reinking.

Police suggested that Jeff Reinking "lock the guns back up until Travis gets mental help", officer Randy Davis wrote in a report.

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Also, multiple agencies are assisting in the investigation, she said, including local, state and federal agencies. They said that a police spokesperson had confirmed that it was a major accident and, and the scene was active.

Illinois, County deputies allowed Reinking's father to take possession of the weapons on the promise that he would not return them to his son.

Reinking wasn't armed in Washington, however IL police revoked his state firearms card on the FBI's request.

Expressing frustration about the criminal justice system's handling of people with mental illness, Hall said Tuesday that the Waffle House shooting was "evidence that we have too many guns and too many mentally ill people".

It isn't clear why Reinking moved recently to the Nashville area from Morton, Illinois, and if it had anything to do with being near Swift. The performer has a house in Nashville, although it isn't her exclusively residence.

Turley told police he knew Reinking had two rifles and two pistols when he lived in Salida, and that he didn't have many hobbies other than video games - including some where shooting guns was involved. Jeffrey Reinking was not immediately available for comment. But Nashville police chief Steve Anderson said Reinking came into the restaurant with a "lot of firepower", carrying four weapons.

Reinking apparently kept a low profile until recent days. Police discovered the automobile outdoors Reinking's house, however they didn't work out till after the assault that Reinking had apparently taken it.

Alerted to the theft of a BMW from a automotive vendor final week, officers determined towards a unsafe chase understanding the automotive had a Global Positioning System machine and might be situated.

"I'm glad I intervened, and I'm glad I saved myself and everybody", he said.

"I take no pride in him charging a loaded gun", James Shaw Sr. said.