Westworld series one recap: what has happened so far in the story?


How the tiger made its way into the Wild West remains a mystery but also makes us wonder what park it came from.

Spoilers for Westworld Season 2 Episode 1 below!

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And the show then reached philosophical boiling point as Delores (or the new murder-prone Delores 2.0) asked, "What is real?"

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Poor Teddy (James Marsden) has always seemed to be about two steps behind everyone else, but Dolores won't take it any longer. The episode flits between the immediate aftermath of the Season 1 finale's cocktail party, including the following day, and events that take place around two weeks later, after Bernard wakes up on the beach. Jeffrey Wright's Bernard, the park's chief engineer who realized too late that he's a cyborg, too (inspired by one of the park's creators and loaded with secrets), keeps waking up and asking "Is it now?"

Unlike "The Maze", Robert Ford's final game was apparently designed just for William, and Ford is apparently still eager to toy with his old rival from beyond the grave, using the host version of his younger self to deliver cryptic messages that seem created to frustrate his foe. After the HBO show spent a season exploring the Western amusement park and pointing out the others that could possibly exist, the premiere of the follow-up season never slowed down.

At the end of the season, Dolores killed Ford. The season two premiere brought out all the guns, literally, and picks up where we left off. To what I presume will be "Westworld's" fans utter delight, Maeve and others wind up far afield in another playground called Shogun World, filled with samurai warriors, martial arts and noble Geisha girls.

As Bernard tries to make sense of his surroundings, he is led to an interactive map of the park as nearby hosts are being executed one by one. If Park 6's hosts have also had their limitations removed, and there's a way for them to get to Westworld, things could get even more unsafe.

Basically, Dolores' thirst for vengeance won't end with just the people who were at the park. One of the hosts, Clementine, had a rifle and shot the Man in Black in the arm. Reality is subjective, and that's a lesson that Westworld will no doubt continue to hammer home until the humans that inhabit this world have thoroughly learned it, even if viewers at home have already wised up. "Congratulations, William, this game is meant for you", Robert said in a reference to last season's maze. It mostly just moved the plot forward; Bill has a new game to play, Maeve is searching for her daughter with Hector and Sizemore in tow, Dolores and Teddy are seeking an exit, Bernard and Charlotte need to find Abernathy, and eventually, everyone's going to wind up dead in a lake. As shown in tonight's episode, titled "Journey Into Night", the rest of the principal cast of Westworld survived Dolores's deadly attack on the gala. In the final episode, we realise he has been guiding Dolores towards consciousness the whole time.