It's (another) boy! Family with 13 sons gets No. 14


He also said child number 14 would be the last - but his wife noted he also said that after number 13. Jay said they were after #13.

"Not very many people understand what we do, it really is neat", Jay Schwandt said.

The baby was born shortly before 6 p.m. and came early, five days before Kateri Schwandt's expected due date. Jay explained at the time that he and his wife weren't opposed to having more children as long as it was medically safe and had already begun to imagine his 13th child being the elusive Schwandt girl. As for a name, baby Schwandt doesn't have one - yet.

"Without any one of them it wouldn't feel right", mom Kateri Schwandt, said.

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The couple are seen with their thirteen boys above in this Facebook photo.

After a certain number of baby boys, the birth of each new son seemed to land the Schwandt family in the national headlines, with the latest boy being no exception.

The family named him Francisco Matthew Schwandt and he joined his band of brothers: Tyler, 25, Zach, 21, Drew, 20, Brandon, 18, Tommy, 15, Vinnie, 14, Calvin, 12, Gabe, 10, Wesley, 8, Charlie, 7, Luke, 5, and Tucker. "Every little kick, every moment felt special". So, does the couple miss having girls around? The father of 14 children had previously stated that he would like a daughter, but stipulated that not particularly counting on this outcome.

The Schwandts live in Rockford, north of Grand Rapids, and their eldest son is in his 20s.