Amazon launches new app feature targeting international shoppers


While a local Amazon app is present in several countries, but it doesn't always let users purchase products outside their home markets - which essentially makes it hard for people to buy products sold by Amazon in the US.

The global shopping experience offers shopping in five languages, including English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, German, and Brazilian Portuguese, with the ability to shop in 25 currencies.

The company's new worldwide shopping feature makes more than 45 million items to global customers.

The global shopping feature will display pricing, shipping costs and import duty estimates, with Amazon managing courier service and customs clearance in case of potential surprises at the time of purchase or delivery.

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Amazon has announced this evening its iOS app (and Android) now allows for an worldwide shopping experience. Furthermore, language and local currency can be chosen for an even simpler shopping experience.

In a statement, the online retailer revealed that its new worldwide shopping feature gives customers from "over a hundred countries" the opportunity to buy more than 45 million products from the United States and have them shipped directly to their homes across the world. Previously worldwide customers had to look at the USA website and check if individual products were eligible for shipping. Dramatically expanding the customer base opens Amazon to many more customers and could grow sales to its USA store. Amazon for years has prioritized customer convenience, which makes its efforts to help people more easily move their shipments through customs a key feature of its updated service. There will also be an option to choose the language.

Those who already have the Amazon Shopping App can adjust their settings by choosing the "country and language" option and selecting "international shopping" in the country menu.