Syrians rally in Damascus in support of Assad's military


The barrier for the inspectors comes days after the US, UK and France bombarded sites they said were linked to Syria's chemical weapons programme.

She called the 105 missiles fired into Syria "justified, proportionate and legitimate" and said the allies took "every measure and caution" to hit only the intended targets.

Though the UN has repeatedly warned that the Syrian conflict has no military solution, the United States, along with some its allies, have bypassed the UN Security Council and unilaterally launched military actions against Syria even before any probe was conducted. "Our warnings have been left unheard", Anatoly Antonov, the Russian envoy to the USA, said in a statement Friday. "Instead of weakening the government, it only made it stronger", he said.

Yet according to the US Defense Department, though Russian radar systems in Syria were on and detected US warplanes planes, Russia chose not to fire on them, instead only attempting to shoot down some of the cruise missiles.

The UN Security Council met to debate the strikes, but rejected a Russian resolution calling for condemnation of the "aggression" by the three Western allies.

The officials said that while the available information is much greater on the chlorine use, they also had significant information that also points to use of sarin, which is a nerve agent.

President Bashar al-Assad's government said on Monday it was ready to cooperate and facilitate the work of the OPCW team, but did not say when they would go to the site.

Russian Federation has argued both that the attack in the Syrian city of Douma never happened or that it was orchestrated by the US and its allies to provoke a military response.

"Our worst apprehensions have come true".

An RAF Tornado taxis into its hangar in Akrotiri Cyprus
REUTERS UK MOD Crown 2018 Pentagon Claims US Missile Attack in Syria Hit Every Target Went Without Military Response

Piazza foresees limited sanctions on Russian Federation, and he said Assad is unlikely to change his behavior with pressure from President Vladimir Putin.

Here is the information the Western countries say they have about the suspected Syrian poison gas assault on Douma. USA officials said they gave Russian Federation no specific warnings of the attacks or the targets, but used the usual hotline with Moscow's military to ensure the airspace was clear.

The formal notification to Congress complies with a 1973 congressional resolution requiring the president to disclose when he has committed USA troops to military action.

Mr Putin warned about potential "chaos" in a phone conversation with Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani.

French authorities said the allies don't seek any military escalation, nor confrontation with Russian Federation. "But it was the world saying that we've had enough of the use of chemical weapons". "We convinced him to remain".

Sanders and Haley both said the administration has three goals: to defeat the Islamic State terrorist organization; to contain Iran; and to stop the spread and use of chemical weapons.

After failing to talk the United States out of bombing targets in Syria, Russia responded to Friday's strikes by saying they "threatened" Russia and warning of "consequences".

May will address Parliament - where she doesn't have a majority - next week.

After the vote, Russia's U.N. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said the meeting confirmed that the USA and its allies "continue to put global politics and diplomacy in the realm of myth-making - myths invented in London, Paris and Washington". Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, a lifelong anti-war campaigner, has accused May of " waiting for instructions from President Donald Trump".

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