Nationals-Harper's Broken-Bat HR


Bryce Harper is already known as one of the best players in baseball, but his home run on Monday night proved just how much strength the Nationals' right fielder has at his disposal.

In a startling display, the Washington Nationals slugger broke his bat into two pieces, yet still hit a long home run Monday night against the New York Mets. But whereas the vast majority of broken-bat hacks result in looping line drives or weak ground balls, Harper's generated enough power that the ball carried to right-centerfield, then kept carrying right over the fence for an absurd solo home run.

The home run was Harper's eighth of the young season, and left him with the tiny remains of his bat in his hands as he trotted to first base. To make it even more impressive; he did so while snapping the bat in half.

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DeGrom's pitch arrived at 95 miles per hour and left Harper's broken bat at a little over 99 miles per hour.

Most of the time, pitchers want to break a bat, because it tends to produce a more weakly hit ball. The feat amazed observers, including the Nats' announcing team, and caused an understandable commotion on the Internet.

April has always been a great month for Harper, but he has never been as locked in as he is right now, as he approaches more home runs than strikeouts on the year.