Hotel Artemis trailer: Jodie Foster runs a hospital for unsafe criminals


This action-heavy thriller is led by a stacked cast including Jeff Goldblum, Sterling K. Brown, Atlanta's Brian Tyree Henry, Sofia Boutella, Charlie Day, Dave Bautista, and Jenny Slate. In Hotel Artemis, that idea is the titular hotel, which functions as a secret hospital for wounded criminals.

The first trailer for Hotel Artemis, the directorial debut from screenwriter/producer Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation), has arrived.

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Here's the synopsis: 'Jean Thomas, aka THE NURSE (Jodie Foster) is the manager of the Hotel Artemis, an ultra-exclusive, members-only hospital hidden in a hotel redolent of faded '20s glamour. Sterling K. Brown costars as Waikiki, a robber who shows up at Hotel Artemis injured alongside his crew one night, following what was otherwise a successful job. Foster plays the hospital's main nurse and overseer. In addition to the tension among the baddies in the hospital, there is a kingpin on the outside who wants to take out one of the patients...but that doesn't fall in line with the rules... But over the weekend, a Twitter account for the movie sprang to life, all for the purposes of dropping the first trailer on us Monday afternoon-and it looks dank as hell. Watch the trailer above. We expect to see plenty of comparisons to John Wick, but aside from the similar premise of the hotel/hospital for criminals, Hotel Artemis is clearly different in tone.

Global Road Entertainment's set a June 8, 2018 theatrical release date.