This is the new Gmail design


Google confirmed the update to The Verge last week and a leaked email about the update promises a "fresh, clean look" for Gmail with some new features, including a predictive "smart reply" feature for Gmail's web version.

A fuller view of changes to Google's product lineup is expected as part of the Google I/O conference next month.

The search engine giant has another feature up its sleeve called "confidential mode" that will allow users to limit what recipients can do with the emails you send, preventing them from being forwarded, downloaded or printed, according to another report in The Verge.

The yet-to-be introduced feature works quite much like expiring emails in "ProtonMail" in which the email becomes unreadable after some time. Currently, there's no mention of end-to-end encryption. It is speculated that this new feature is closely going to follow the update in Gmail's interface.

Unfortunately, for all the precautions included in Gmail's new Confidential Mode, it is impossible to prevent users from taking a screenshot of the contents of an email. The Google's crown service is set to get a major upgrade with new features with a completely new design.

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Well, technically, based on the screenshots we're seeing, what you'll receive is a link to be able to view the confidential email. On the bottom of your email with the new design, there will also be "smart replies". Google uses machine learning to tune Smart Reply's suggestions to your writing style, so the more you use it, the more useful it gets.

The other feature Google looks set to bring over of Inbox is the snooze option, which can temporarily hide an email from your Inbox until the time you are ready to deal with it. You can tag the email with a convenient time and it will be right there at the top of your inbox when you have the freedom to respond.

Of course, compatibility may be an issue here - particularly as receivers are asked to confirm their Google accounts in order to open confidential mode emails. Finally, an email can be locked behind a two-factor authentication process to ensure that only the intended recipient can read it.

The new design will feature three layout options: default, comfort, and compact.