John Oliver Reveals Reason He Paid $7000 For Russell Crowe's Leather Jockstrap


The new tax bill does force some of those companies to pay taxes on money stashed overseas, but at bargain rates - a gamble that did not pay off in terms of job creation in 2004, and probably won't this time either, Oliver said.

A few weeks ago on his show, Oliver had noted the actor was about to hold an The Art of Divorce auction to celebrate the end of his marriage, putting up for bidding various artifacts from his movie career. The jockstrap used in the boxing film was reportedly worth a range from $500 to $600, according to broker Sotheby's who would be holding Crowe's auction. "I meant to do it, everyone should do it, and I'm gonna do it again forever.' I have got to say, if Trump's intention was to descend so far into self-parody that he somehow burrowed into the Earth's crust and came out on the other side, mission fucking accomplished".

Last night (April 15), Oliver revealed on his Last Week Tonight show that he had purchased the jockstrap Crowe wore in the film Cinderella Man. "You know, buy Russel Crowe's jockstrap and send it to one of the last remaining Blockbusters in Alaska".

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The HBO show also bought Crowe's director chair from American Gangster, the vest he wore in Les Miserables, and a hood he wore in Robin Hood.

Oliver suggested that the Blockbuster store could put the items on display as a "fun, movie-themed way" to draw customers and stay in business.

As of this filing on Monday morning, it is not clear if the store has been in touch with Oliver.