Confiscated Counterfeit Makeup Worth $700000 Had Bacteria, Feces, LAPD Says


A Los Angeles Police Department task force raided 21 stores in LA's fashion district on Thursday, and wound up doing the fashion world a huge favor.

LAPD Captain Marc Reina tweeted the results of the raid Thursday evening, reminding consumers that "the best price is not always the best deal!" The LAPD made a similar raid in February after customers complained of getting rashes and bumps from using counterfeit makeup. However, when you see your favorite products offered at 50% to 75% off (and not directly from the brand retailer), this is most likely a counterfeit.

The confiscated makeup included popular brands such as MAC, NARS, Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner and Urban Decay, KABC reported. When customers revealed they bought the products in Santee Alley, the Anti-Piracy Unit swooped in doing undercover buys to test the products. Even though numerous products looked exactly like their genuine counterparts, they tested positive for poop, bacteria and other products that definitely don't belong on a person's face. She then advised buyers of the cosmetics line to "never buy counterfeit products!"

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"Those feces will just basically somehow get mixed into the product they're manufacturing in their garage or in their bathroom - wherever they're manufacturing this stuff", Detective Rick Ishitani told CNN affiliate KABC.

Of the shops raided, KABC reports that six of the owners were arrested, and rest received cease-and-desist orders.