Capital Police bust gang of bike lifters, 4 arrested


Police said they made contact with Nelson as he was exiting the business and arrested him on the warrant.

Police have arrested a man in the theft of a gold and diamond pin from the Fort Smith Museum of History that once belonged to federal Judge Isaac C. Parker. Omti police have registered a case against the accused under sections 41 (1-4) of CrPC and Section 379 of the IPC.

About 12.30pm today (Monday 16 April 2018), a auto allegedly park directly in front of Kogarah Police Station in the "Police Vehicle Only" area. Two other members of the public sustained wounds, both to the right foot, as a result of ricocheting bullets. Youth who are doing this type of crime are drug addict.

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The footage, shot over the Easter weekend and appearing online last week, shows the man scuffling with the uniformed police officer in Cavill Avenue, the main party strip of Surfers Paradise.

KIRO reports that police say a suspect came into the station Sunday afternoon and threatened an employee. It was recovered two days later and returned to the museum, according to police.

Appreciating the team efforts of the police personnel's of Capital Kalsi have lauded the team efforts and praise the work done by the personnel and officers under his supervision and advice them to continue to serve the society with renewed zeal.