Android Auto Wireless is now available!


Now Google has flipped the switch: wireless mode for Android Auto is enabled on Nexus and Pixel devices. People with older displays are out of luck as of right now, considering that these newer head units were just revealed.

Back at this year's CES, JVC and Kenwood showed off seven auto head units with Wireless Android Auto, even though phones weren't ready for the feature. It won't work with every Android Auto vehicle unit - and Google says the feature has only been enabled in North America so far. However, the task required a USB cable or wired connection. The tech giant adds that additional handset will be supported in the future, too. Google is apparently working with phone manufacturers on making the software work with their individual wrappers, but who knows when that will actually roll out to the public. After the first wired pairing, wireless functionality will work automatically.

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Finally, after months of waiting, Google is enabling wireless Android Auto for owners of Google Nexus and Pixel devices.

Google no doubt has more plans up its sleeve for this product, and we'll be watching Google I/O closely to see what develops. If you don't have a compatible head unit in your vehicle, you can run Android Auto on your phone as an app.