Is Spotify's attempt to lure free users aimed at India release?


Stockholm-based music streaming platform is focused on satisfying investors by getting as many users on board as possible, and if the latest report from Bloomberg is any indication, it will meet its forecasts for 2018 without delays.

SPOTIFY is set to launch a new free music streaming service within weeks that will be more like its premium tier.

Will you be signing up for Spotify? If people choose to pay Spotify nothing, they still get access to millions, and millions of songs - with the only differences being that they're limited in the number of song skips, can't download music to their devices and get the occasional ad interruption.

Currently, free Spotify users on mobile platform prevent selection of tracks, which forces users to listen to an entire album or playlist on shuffle.

The company is tweaking the free service to make it easier to use, especially for customers on mobile phones, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans are still private.

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The offer is open to both new and existing users of Spotify, you just need to log in to the PlayStation 4 app and enter your details.

This model has worked a charm, helping Spotify become the biggest streaming service in the world, with 157 million users (71 million of who fork out for its premium tier).

Spotify's arrival in India will also be met with stiff competition from its biggest rival - Apple Music - which is already available in India at a cheaper subscription rate than anywhere in the world. Spotify is Apple Music's biggest rival in the United States, and the music streaming service looks to take on the recently launched Amazon Prime Music among others in the Indian market. The paid music streaming market in India is already gaining interest from users, provided the service delivers on the content. The basic subscription package costs $9.99 a month.

Some reports have speculated Spotify will be unveiling a speaker.

Spotify hopes to reach about 200 million users by the end of the year, with 96 million of them paying for the service.