United Airlines flight diverted after dog 'mistakenly' placed on the plane


Local leaders are leading a "dog-in" Sunday at LaGuardia Airport to demand justice following the death of a 10-year-old French bulldog on a United Airlines flight last week.

On Thursday, a United flight from Newark, N.J., to St. Louis was diverted after the airline learned it had a dog bound for Akron, Ohio, on board, the Washington Post reports.

'The pet has been safely delivered to its owner.

Now United is claiming the flight attendant didn't realise the dog was inside the carrier when she placed it in the overhead locker. "United Airlines does not care about the safety of their furry travelers".

Irgo's misadventure began a day after a French bulldog puppy died aboard a United flight after a flight attendant required a passenger to put her pet carrier in the overhead bin. But an hour into the flight, the plane stopped in Ohio.

The airlines said it offered compensation to all passengers as a result of the diversion. On Wednesday, the airline said it was investigating after a dog was mistakenly flown to Japan.

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The change was painful, he said, for nations that "are in the habit of ruling the roost". The conversations earlier this week seem to have had an effect - particularly in the U.S.

United immediately apologized, describing the incident as a "tragic accident".

Irgo the German Shepherd was meant to fly with his owners to Wichita, Kansas, from Portland, Oregon, stopping off at Denver on the way. Or the dog that was mistakenly sent to Japan.

Kara Swindle, her husband and two children were in the process of moving from OR to Wichita in Kansas when they were met by a Great Dane at the airport on Tuesday.

Anna Beck, Lincoln's Texan owner who lives in Japan with her military husband, said she had not yet decided what to do.

The passengers were then forced to put it in the locker for the duration of the flight.