Roots Show at SXSW in Austin Is Canceled After Bomb Threat


The officers searched the venue and "no threat was found", but Bud Light, the show's sponsor, chose to cancel the event in the interest of audience safety, although the announcement was not made until the show was scheduled to begin and a large crowd had gathered. But Bud Light opted to cancel the event. Beer-maker Bud Lite, the event's top sponsor, opted to cancel The Roots' show in the interest of safety.

In a tweet that was later deleted Saturday night, frontman Questlove wrote, "Uh, welp can't say much but for those in Austin waiting in line to see us tonight".

The Roots are the house band on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Austin city officials said in a brief news release Sunday that Trevor Weldon Ingram had been taken into custody.

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The Roots were scheduled to perform at the SXSW Festival yesterday (March 17).

Although many fans were complaining and upset about the show's pre-show shut down, many were understanding and thankful for the safety concern, especially super producer 9th Wonder who shared what happened behind-the-scenes.

Despite the lack of evidence of a bomb, the Roots' show was canceled anyway due to security concerns.

According to local reports, Austin Police canvassed the venue after being made aware of a suspected bomb threat. NOW...' because of this clown, Trevor Ingram. "Hats off to the authorities in Austin, Texas for acting fast and catching this lowlife bastard". Take a good look at what true terrorism looks like.