Sonic Mania Plus with new characters, special packaging arrives this summer


During the panel, it was revealed that Sonic Mania Plus will be arriving this summer at the low price of $29.99.

Sega has announced the return of Sonic Mania this time coming to you as a retail release.

The physical version also comes with a holographic slipcover, reversible Genesis/Mega Drive style cover and a 32-page Sonic Mania Art Book.

Announced at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, the expansion will add new stages, modes, and two new playable characters.

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Have you heard of SegaSonic the Hedgehog? This isn't merely a packaged version of the same game, though; SEGA says it'll be updated and bring new goodies with it. Sega has not released exact sales numbers for Sonic Mania, but Sega gave it credit for helping improve game sales for the first half of 2017. One will focus entirely on Knuckles, for example, while Ray and Mighty may be appearing later on.

At the end of the presentation, a new Sonic title was teased that was not a sequel to any prior Sonic game.

The teaser consists of some vehicle engines revving and the silhouette of a logo.

Sonic Mania Plus will launch this summer in digital and physical forms. However, we can't confirm this until Sega officially unveils a new game.