Lyft's Big Week: A Monthly Subscription Plan, Self-Driving Tech Partnership


Uber's biggest rival Lyft is taking a page from the playbook of top subscription services such as Netflix and Spotify by offering some high-frequency users an opportunity to test its new monthly subscription services.

According to one of the invites, which was shared on Twitter, the "all-access plan" will offer predictable pricing, auto-renew and anytime cancellation.

There are multiple options, ranging from 60 rides for an upfront payment of $399 to 30 rides for $199. Lyft said a standard ride is free up to $15. It's not clear what would happen suppose a single ride surpasses that threshold.

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While Lyft customers appear to have only recently begun receiving the invitations, a Lyft spokesman said the company has been testing the plans for a few months.

Lyft's website tells drivers, however, that "even if your passenger receives their price up front, you'll still get paid for time and distance". By Green's words of the new schtick being the future of Lyft, however, it seems all but confirmed that this is going to push through. It is not yet known if Lyft will extend the subscription service to all passengers. Uber has since been quiet on the test and has not announced any plans to mass-market the scheme. Lyft did not address whether more expensive rides would be altogether excluded from the plan or whether users could simply pay the difference.

Green, along with Lyft president John Zimmer, has other ambitious plans for the company. They've both explored the possibility of adding driverless cars. They've also encouraged for more people to carpool more often instead of driving their own vehicles so as to avoid traffic congestion. Of course, as The Verge notes, Lyft ultimately stands to benefit from all these policies and ideas.