Famous Malaysian 'snake handler' dies after cobra bite


Abu Zarin led a fire department King Cobra Squad, where he trained other firefighters to catch the deadly serpents, according to Free Malaysia Today.

A Malaysian firefighter dubbed the "snake whisperer" has died four days after he was bitten by a wild cobra while responding to a call to catch the aggressive reptile, an official said Saturday.

Mohd Sani said that he was bitten by a cobra at 7.54pm on Monday and was sent to Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Hospital. Abu Zarin Hussin, 33, died Friday during an operation during an operation in Bentong, Malaysia's The Star Online reports.

Pictures from Hussin's Facebook page were used in the articles and the firefighter was forced to comment on the story. And no, he was not married to it.

Hussin, who the BBC says kept four snakes at home, had become both a local and worldwide celebrity for his snake-handling acumen, which he used to train fellow firefighters so that they could respond to calls about snake sightings.

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During those sessions, he taught firemen how to identify the different snake species, especially the venomous ones and their bites, and ways to capture them without killing them.

A 10-year firefighting veteran, he also showcased his snake-handling skills on "Asia's Got Talent" last year.

It is learnt that Abu Zarin has been on the receiving end of snake bites before.

Hussin had previously been bitten by snakes and survived an attack in 2015 after spending two days in coma.

He is expected to be buried after Friday prayers.