Google killed 3.2 billion 'bad ads' in 2017, up 88% from 2016


Bad actors have moved into the crytocurrency space to defraud internet users, and Google said it took down 3.2 billion ads that violated its advertising policies in 2017, almost double the number of ads it removed in 2016.

There has been an increase in bad ads/sites removed in 2017 compared to 2016. Put another way, Google took down more than 100 bad ads per second previous year. That's more than 100 bad ads per second!

Blacklisted 700,000 mobile apps for violating ad policies.

Last month, Jason Roy, senior investigator for the Manitoba Securities Commission in Canada, praised Facebook's decision to ban cryptocurrency advertising, and indicated that it has implored Google to adopt a similar policy. Google defines tabloid cloakers as scammers that try to game the system by pretending to be news. In addition, Google banished 320,000 online publishers for violations like showing Google-supplied ads alongside inappropriate or controversial content, he said. For example, a site where you can buy fake diplomas or plagiarised term papers and this new policy allows them to take action on sites for misrepresenting themselves or deceiving users with their content.

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Stansfield revealed that many website owners used the firm's advertising platforms, like AdSense, to run Google ads on their sites and content and make money.She said Google paid $12.6 billion back to the publishing partners in its ad network a year ago. Throughout all of 2017, they reviewed over 11,000 websites for potentially containing misrepresentative or misleading content and suspended more than 650 websites and terminated 90 publishers from our ad network.

It also added 28 new advertiser policies and 20 new publisher policies to combat new threats and including policies against discrimination and intolerance beyond current hate speech protections.

Google will ban ads for cryptocurrencies and "speculative financial products" across its advertising platforms starting in June. We also updated our gambling ads policies to address new methods of gambling with items that have real-world value (e.g., skins gambling). Google's financial lifeblood is advertising, so it's got a strong incentive to keep ads clean.