Google Assistant shortcut app now installs on Lollipop, tablets


While it's a relatively safe assumption that most iPhone and iPad users prefer Siri to other AI assistants, there are always going to be some who are faithful to others. Now Google is bringing their Assistant to iPads all around.

So, what's changed in the jump from iPhone to iPad?

Google Assistant is a free download from the App Store. However, that doesn't mean there aren't improvements to be found in the iPad version, as the iPad's bigger screen means that you'll be able to use the app in both landscape and portrait mode. Additionally, on version 7.23 of the Google app beta, we managed to enable similar Reminders and Purchases menu in Assistant's Settings list.

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When you ask Google Assistant to text or call a friend, it will pull that information from your iOS Address Book, after you authorize it to do so.

Google Assistant supports multitasking on the iPad. Like most updates or features Google pushes out, Assistant could be coming out in phases, so if you haven't gotten this feature yet, don't worry. Other than that, it should be the same Assistant you know and love, capable of controlling your smart home, checking weather, calendar events, plus everything else.

In fact, only yesterday, Amazon announced its Alexa app for tablets, including iPad, was being updated to support Alexa calling and messaging features which route communications through the Alexa platform.