Video appears to show Senate Majority leader Dix kissing lobbyist


The incident caps a swift response from Republicans in the chamber after the liberal website Iowa Starting Line published video and photos showing Dix and a woman together at a bar.

She told reporters she planned to talk with him about it.

The identity of the woman was not identified by the political site except to say state she was 'a lobbyist for various municipality groups'.

"Iowans hold their elected officials to a high standard, and as elected officials, we have an obligation to lead", she said. She said she hoped her conversation with Dix later would provide her with additional facts.

"I want to know the facts", Reynold said, according to the Des Moines Register.

Dix, 55, did not immediately return messages seeking comment earlier Monday, but confirmed in a statement obtained by The Post that he resigned his position as state senator and majority leader as of 2 p.m. Monday.

Sen. Charles Schneider, R-West Des Moines, filled in for Dix at the start of Monday's session and the majority leader did not make any public comments during the day's proceedings.

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"It's a disgrace to the majority party caucus. Even if he doesn't ever say the words to her, it's just inherent in the power differential that he will always have an upper hand". "We don't need this ongoing story about where Senate Republican leadership is on these issues dealing with women".

Katie Ervin Carlson, an attorney in Iowa who handles sexual harassment and employee rights lawsuits, told the website prior to Dix's resignation that the sexual harassment training given to legislators and staffers after the settlement was awarded to the former GOP staffer last September apparently didn't work. "I'm extremely disappointed with what I'm hearing, but until I have an opportunity to hear the story, I'm not going to comment".

An internal report later revealed senators made 'sexually suggestive comments' or discussed 'sexual preferences' on the chamber floor in recent years, and staff members in the Republican Senate office were unlikely to report misconduct because of fear of retaliation.

Because this involves Senator Dix and a lobbyist, there will be questions about the impact of this relationship on legislation.

A year ago she was awarded a $2.1 million settlement for wrongful dismissal.

The GOP majority recently hired a human resources manager to address sexual harassment complaints.

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